We started The Nivalis Group with the mission of helping people find better jobs. Working in corporate accounting and audit with Fortune 500 companies public and private, our team understands the importance of building a good team and hiring the right talent for the right job. With nearly 20 years of recruiting experience solely focused in accounting and finance, we have built many lasting relationships and continue to provide the highest quality service for both clients and candidates.


Founder, Managing Partner & Senior Executive Recruiter

Our mission is simple - Help our clients find better candidates - and help our candidates find a better job! Working in corporate accounting and audit during the dot com boom of the late 90's and early 2000's, it became clear that helping people became an interest and top priority. Help my fellow accounting and finance colleagues find a better job and build better teams. With that, a new career and a new path started. We have successfully helped hundreds of candidates and clients find new paths and build great teams.